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Teaching Presence in Relationship

Professional Training to teach IMP

avec Florence Meleo-Meyer and Phyllis K. Hicks
16 to 24 May 2023 - in France (near Montpellier)

This professional training is designed to prepare MBSR & MBCT instructors to teach Interpersonal Mindfulness as a follow-up to the 8-week MBSR program

Teaching Presence in Relationship is a training designed to prepare MBSR & MBCT instructors to teach the 8-week Interpersonal Mindfulness program to graduates of mindfulness-based programs. Awareness, mental stability, and calmness associated with silent meditation are developed in practice with others. Based on the meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, participants experience greater freedom and compassion internally and interpersonally as they integrate meditative qualities directly into relationship.

Language: The training will be taught in English and translated in French (as the intention is to build a French speaking teaching community).


  • Maintaining a regular personal meditation practice
  • Previous participation in at least one 7 – 10 day silent, teacher-led retreat
  • Previous participation in at least two 5 – 7 day Insight Dialogue retreats*
  • Participation in an 8-week IMP course (native language if possible)
  • Professional training as a teacher of MBSR or MBCT **
  • Have taught at least 5 cycles of MBSR/MBCT.

*More information available online. Due to Covid restrictions, some in-person requirements accommodations may be considered.

** Applications from other MBI teachers will be considered on an individual basis.

In this training, participants will:

  • Experience first-hand the meditative Guidelines of Insight Dialogue
  • Develop a theoretical and practical understanding of Interpersonal Mindfulness methods and practices.
  • Expand and enrich their capacity as teachers to effectively interact and communicate with program participants.
  • Examine, in detail, the elements of the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program.


The first four days of this training are presented primarily in retreat form. Noble silence is practiced throughout this part of the retreat except when we are actively meditating in dialogue together. During the subsequent four-day training period, opportunities are available for participants to speak, practice, guide and be guided in small and large groups, and to network, further supporting personal and professional connections.


Phyllis K. Hicks teaches Insight Dialogue retreats internationally and is co-developer of the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP). She chairs the Insight Dialogue Community Teachers’ Council and mentors new teachers . Phyllis is a licensed psychotherapist, for 35 years bringingtogether Eastern and Western understandings of psychology and… learn more about Phyllis Hicks


Florence Meleo-Meyer teaches Insight Dialogue retreats in the US and abroad and is co-developer of the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP). She has studied in India and the US with meditation masters, S.Muktananda and S.Chidvilasananda since 1976 and has practiced insight meditation for over 20 years. She met and began studying with Gregory Kramer in 2003. Florence has taught meditation for over 35 years and has taught and trained Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teachers and teacher trainers worldwide... learn more about Florence Meleo-Meyer

Modalités pratiques


Location: Le Hameau de l'Etoile, route de Frouzet, 34380 Saint-Martin-de-Londres


  • Training in individual contract: 1200€
  • Training with company agreement: 1500€

Additional costs are to be expected for accommodation and full board (between 600 and 1120€ depending on the type of accommodation).

Registration: please fill the online form before 31 March 2023