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About ADM

Founded in 2009, our association encourages the expansion of Mindfulness in French-speaking Europe through three Mindfulness-Based Programs: MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction),  MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), MSC (Mindful Self Compassion). 

While Mindfulness-based interventions are thriving, we try to offer both space for reflection and opening to new applications, and a reference framework true to Mindfulness-Based Programs, respectful of the traditional teachings from which they come.

We gather more than 200 instructors trained to teach MBSR, MBCT or MSC programs, living in Belgium, France or Switzerland. Directly or through the activities of its members, ADM offers opportunities to start or deepen the practice of Mindfulness and offers a space for reflection on its applications. Our aim is to promote Mindfulness meditation in a secular setting at the service of life quality and human fulfillment.

We have built a close relationship with the creators of MBSR and MBCT, the two main approaches that contributed to the spreading of Mindfulness in the Western world. At our inception, we began a close collaboration with the Center For Mindfulness (CFM) at the University of Massachusetts, where the MBSR program has been developed and studied since 1979. This relationship has been consolidated over the years leading to the creation of an international network of affiliates. In mid-2018, a large part of the CFM's historical team left this institution to join the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and develop a training and research center there. All the organizations that were officially affiliated to the CFM chose to follow this move. ADM is currently part of the Global Mindfulness Collaborative.

Regarding MBCT, we maintain regular contacts with Zindel Segal and Bangor University in the United Kingdom where this program has been researched for many years.


Our actions aim to introduce Mindfulness and related practices to the public, animate a network of practitioners and instructors, and set up trainings in French for instructors.


Present Mindfulness and Mindfluness-Based approaches

We are committed to disseminating quality information and organizing regular meetings with the public or professionals to present the Mindfulness-Based approaches, relying on the pioneering programs MBSR and MBCT and their adaptations. Each year, we receive internationally renowned guests for conferences or workshops. To name just a few, we have had the joy and honor of welcoming over the years : Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Zindel Segal, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Soren Gordhamer, Chade Meng-Tan and Matthieu Ricard ...

Share the practice

We connect professionals of Mindfulness-Based approaches to each other and to the public, including through the provision of a directory of instructors trained in teaching MBSR or MBCT, with an agenda of their activities In Belgium, France or Switzerland.

To support the deepening of the practice, we organize 5-to-10-day seminars-retreats of intensive practice for instructors or for the public with teachers recognized for a long time and empowered to convey Mindfulness as taught in the tradition that nourishes the Mindfulness-Based programs.


Train the teachers

We are engaged in a close and long-term relationship with the founders of Mindfulness-Based programs and we organize professional trainings that fit within this framework. We set up MBSR training courses and work in partnership with organizations offering MBCT training courses. We also support our members in their continuing education as instructors by offering seminars or in-depth workshops and additional trainings.